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Tattooed Temptress Emily Parker gets Marked by my Big Dick!

Filed Under (Babe) by on 25-08-2010

I was thinking of getting a little retouch on my tattoo but it's in such a sensitive location that I would prefer if a chick would do it for me. Luckily Derek knew a gal who would be perfect fit and she makes house calls too. Emily Parker is the sexiest bustiest tattoo artist I have ever met. Being an ex stripper she was quite sexually uninhibited not flinching upon seeing my long hard dick. She casually asked me if I wanted her to take care of the tattoo or my boner first. Need I say which one I chose? Emily slurped up my big dong and took it a step further by stroking it using her big tits! I muched on her pussy then made my mark on her pussy by pummeling it hard! DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at

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Blonde Hottie Briana Blair Digs Big Dicks!

Filed Under (Babe) by on 28-07-2010

We headed out to a local record studio where we encountered rock star wannabe Briana Blair. She's headed down for a meeting with her agent but he seems to be running late as usual. I gave her a little career advice saying that to give her career a little buzz if she made a little sex tape with me. Briana then said that a good sex tape needs to have a big dick and then she asked me bluntly if I had one. I just smiled and I could tell she was curious. Once we were in the studio she unzipped my pants and she was not disappointed with what she saw. She began sucking my big dick as I shoot her. I licked her pussy and before long I was spreading her wide and thrusting my jumbo cock deep down her tight pussy. DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at!

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Cali Lakai’s First XXX Time

Filed Under (Babe) by on 06-07-2010

Having a curiosity of being in a porn, Cali Lakai has put it on her list of things to do before she dies. While searching the local campus for some new talent, Billy went to the vending machine to get a drink. A hottie asked for change and then recognized Billy from porn. She was pretty turned on and wanted to finally get to live out her life long fantasy and she became our newest Hot Chick! DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at!

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Busty Teen Haley Cummings Busts a Move in the Sack!

Filed Under (Babe) by on 22-06-2010

Just hanging out with my boy when I came across an old friend named Haley Cummings. Haley and I used to be fuck buddies and I don't know why we aren't anymore since this busty blonde sure is hot as hell! Poor Haley says she hasn't had a big dick in about six long months. Well I certainly am more than eager to help Haley with her big dick drought and Haley was more than happy to go down on her knees and wrapped her lips around my long hard cock. This hot blonde's giant tits were bouncing from excitement as I boffed her pussy hard with my big cock until her tits were covered with my boner juice! DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at

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Madison Ivy gears up for big dick!

Filed Under (Babe) by on 10-06-2010

Just hanging by the studio when who should come knocking on our door but a blonde damsel in distress named Madison Ivy. It seems Madison was having a little car trouble. I knew a little about fixing engines among other things and a couple of tinkering in the engine busty blonde Madison said thanks and sped off as I kick myself for not asking her number. Madison retirned shortly after apologized for leaving so soon as I gave her a tour of the studio. Her eyes popped out when she found out about the whole porn thing but she was more busy oggling the bulge in my shorts. Pretty soon Madison was buck naked as I licked her asshole to her pussy. Madison then blowed my big dick until it was hard enough to pound her sweet pussy hard as her big tits jiggle all over the place! DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at

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I Fucked My HOT Neighbor

Filed Under (Babe) by on 24-05-2010

Seeing his neighbor Chloe Conrad all the time, Billy has always wanted to bring her into the studio and give her a good hard fucking. Stopping her on the street one day with cameras going, Chloe Conrad finally gave in and agreed to acompany Billy to the infamous studio. She wasn't quite sure what Billy did for a living but Chloe figured why not, he seems nice enough. Once on set Billy dropped his pants and wiggled his super thick dick back and forth offering Chloe a couple grand to fuck him on film. See what Chloe Conrad does next ONLY at baby!

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Stripper Turned Pornstar!

Filed Under (Babe) by on 20-04-2010

At the local strip club looking for girls to make the leap from stripper to porn star, Barry came across Lylith Lavey. She is always looking for a way to make some cash so Barry offered her to be a pornstar. Lylith Lavey was all about it and came back to the studio with Barry to become our newest Hot Chick! DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at!

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Euro Hottie Terra White Loves Big Cocks!

Filed Under (Babe) by on 23-02-2010

I was having an awesome day until I heard something hit my car. It literally blew me off so I went out of the car to check the damage and threw shit on who did this. Terra White faced me and told me she was really sorry. Wow! I was stunned because she looked so hot. She was a hot blonde Euro chick. Finally I was able to talk again and asked her why she was in a rush. She was running late for a job interview. I was in doubt because of her choice of clothes. She was wearing a tight yellow top and sexy mini skirt that got the interest of my big cock. I told her she was perfect on the job we got and she was in luck because we were hiring. Terra White did not think twice, she jumped in my car and we went straight to the studio. Once there, I ripped her clothes, spread her legs and licked her tight pussy. She returned the favor right away and swallowed my big dick before I deep dicked her hard and fast. DOWNLOAD the full movie of Euro chick Terra White ONLY at!

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Sienna West Craves My Big Meat Pole!

Filed Under (Babe) by on 10-02-2010

We were heading down the beach for some much needed R and R. As always we never really get there since we instantly spot a hot chick to deep dick! Not that I'm complaining especially if the chick was as hot as Sienna West! I used to know Sienna back when she was bartending but I never really sealed the deal with her. Making up for lost time I asked Sienna if she wanted to do a little acting with me and she quickly said yes! Turns out Sienna West has always been curious to see what's underneath my pants and boy was she in for a surprise! I sucked on her big juicy tits and tongued her snatch until she moaned loudly. She pulled down my pants and after the initial shock at the size of my peen she sucked it hard! I bent her over and plowed her pussy hard getting it thoroughly deep dicked! DOWNLOAD Sienna West as she takes on my one eyed monster only at!

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Alexis Texas Satisfies her BIG Dick Cravings!

Filed Under (Babe) by on 11-12-2009

I hooked up with Alexis Texas while scouting for fresh pussies. Alexis was one freaky chick who is simply insatiable when it comes to a big cock! This hot blonde needed the money and what better way to earn serious cash that by getting her gash bashed by my big fat dick! Cock craving Alexis Texas could not keep her hands off my big dick sucking it hard till it's stiff as a board and ready to pounce on her hairy blonde muff! She pushed me on the bed and rode my cock cowgirl style as my big cock disappeared deep down her tight pudenda! I fucked her silly till I exploded with willy cream all over her face! DOWNLOAD all the hot chick deep dicking action only at!

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Deep Dicking Brandy Blair!

Filed Under (Babe) by on 18-11-2009

Looking for some fresh pussy to deep dick on camera we headed over to a familiar territory, the mall and that we're I saw a familiar face. I met busty blonde Brandy Blair back in Georgia. I asked if she was interested in doing scenes with me to give me a call but she never called back. Lucky for me she needed the money is definitely ready to get schtupped on camera. Once we were in the studio I tongued down her shaved snatch just to get it ready for my big dick. She sucked my cock which barely fit her mouth then she straddles me in bed as I jack hammer her tight pussy with my enormous thick shaft! I fucked her hard till I exploded with cum on her face! DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at! CLICK HERE to JOIN the Ultimate Porn Site for PENNIES a Day!

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Nikita Von James Deep Dicking Fun!

Filed Under (Babe) by on 28-10-2009

This girl I was dating, Nikita Von James, wanted to get it on unfortunately I had to save my energy for work. Fortunately for her it was pouring outside and we couldn't go to our usual spot. With no fresh pussy to get deep dicked I called Nikita during her lunch break and asked her if she wanted to film a scene. She was so horny she said yes and headed down the studio right away. Once she arrived she bee lined for my cock and sucked my big fat cock and my balls! I spread her legs and licked her wet pussy. I slammed her with my big member and schtupped her hard until she grunts and moans for more, more, more! DOWNLOAD the full deep dicking action only at!!

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Dylan Riley Goes Horseback Riding on my Junk!

Filed Under (Babe) by on 21-09-2009

I met blonde hottie Dylan Riley when she came by the horse ranch to check on her philly. She peaked thru the stall fencing and said hey, as I shoveled some shit. She giggle said I was pretty cute then asked if I was new around here. I told her I had a couple hours of community service to complete but I was really in the adult biz and we are always looking for new talent. I asked Dylan Riley if she wanted to star in a film for some big dough. Without a word, she smiled, walked over to my stall, took my hand and said let's go. Once back at the studio, she was pretty eager grabbing my crotch and unzipping my pants. She knew I loved horses but she had no idea I was hung like one! Yee haw! Check out the full DOWNLOADABLE movie ONLY at!

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